Educational Material


Gender, Care and Labour

The educational material on care work is based around the film produced by ProGender: Keeping the World Turning: Conversations on Care during the pandemic. Through a screening of the film and practical activities around it, participants explore their own relationships with care work, mapping them and discussing the politics of care in different settings.


Gender-based violence

The educational material on gender based violence during the pandemic proposes a series of activities and resources that can be used by educators to enhance their teaching. The main question that we address is: “What is a safe home during COVID-19?”. We tried to approach this question from an intersectional perspective. The proposed activities are interactive and are based on a participatory and cooperative approach.


Women and Gender in Science

In the educational material on women and science, we bring together activities that will encourage participants to explore how gender operates within university contexts, and how they can challenge some of the persisting forms of inequality and discrimination. Activities include designing mini research projects, exploring the gendered nature of knowledge and knowledge production and thinking through what a feminist research ethics would look like.


Gender and Communities

The educational material on migration seeks to tackle first general questions of migration. In Activity 1 the participants trace the histories of migration within their own family or circles, in order to narrate your connections with the process of migration. In Activity 2 participants take up the challenge of adopting the position of migrant in Greece and trying to describe the ways in which they are made to feel like migrants. In Activity 3 participants learn about migrant struggles in Greece and design their own research project.


Women in Governance

In the beginning the educational material in Gender and Governance is focusing generally on the understanding of power and its intersectional character. In the following Activites 2-4 the gendered nature of governance and leadership, especially during the pandemic is addressed.